Terms of Service

Please read the Terms of Service of website RETOUCHPROFI.COM (hereinafter referred to as „Website“ or „Operator“) carefully before you start to register.

This agreement defines the relationship between you and your employer, i.e. the client (hereinafter referred to as "Client"), and Website. The operator of Website is Ing. Vitalij Chalupník, ID: 714 05 712.

By registering or by purchase on the Website, You agree to the terms of this agreement.

I. User account

1. Use of the Website and purchases are restricted to those individuals over 18 years of age. With the purchase, the Client confirms that he is at least 18 years of age and has full legal responsibility.

2. The User is obligated to provide truthful information during registration and in his user account.

3. The operator declares that all personal data are treated as strictly confidential and is treated in accordance with 101/2000Sb. law of the Czech Republic on the protection of personal data. In any case, the data will never be provided to the third party. Personal data is collected only for the purpose of issuing invoices and the e-mail address is used for communication with the Client, especially used for sending graphic works and invoices.

4. The Client must enter valid login (e-mail address and password that Client set in his user account settings) to access his account. The Client acknowledges that he must choose a secure password, and must keep it a secret.

5. In the case of a forgotten password, the Client may generate a new password using the email address provided during registration.

6. Neither Website, nor its Operator do not assume any liability for injury or other damage caused by loss of passwords, unauthorized logins, etc. Securing devices (computer, tablet, mobile, etc.) is up to the Client.

II. Purchase of credits

1. The Client may purchase credits from his user account. The credits will serve as a subscription for using services on the Website.

2. The amount of credits and the ordered services are displayed in the user account of the Client.

3. Credit has no time limit and its validity is for an indefinite period of time.

4. The credit is not refundable and the Client has no right to recover payments for the credit.

5. If the Client want to cancel his user account, the Client notifies the Operator in writing. The Operator cancels user account within 30 days. The credit is not refundable.

6. The Operator reserves the right to cancel user account without giving a reason. In this case, the Operator returns the cost of the canceled credits back to the Client's bank account or PayPal account.

7. If the Client does not log in to his user account for 1 year, it is understood that the account is inactive. The Operator reserves the right to cancel such inactive user account without refund of credits to the Client.

8. If the Client does not include the identification of payment, it is up to the Client to prove that the payment was sent. The order will be completed only after pairing payment with the order.

9. The Client can make payments by bank transfer, by credit cards or via PayPal.

10. The Operator will inform the Client via e-mail when the order is processed and completed and credits are increased. The e-mail will also contain the invoice for the payment. The invoice will also appear in user account of the Client.

III. Services of the Website

1. The Client may upload photos and images (hereinafter referred to as „Images“) on the Website in a format supported by Website and then order editing images with giving instructions (hereinafter referred as "Editing Images").

2. After submission an order of Editing Images the Client's credits will be reduced according the selected services.

3. The Operator undertake to provide their services according to the Images and instructions submitted by the Client at the time presented on the Website. Finished edited Images will be provided to the Client:

  • An email will be sent to the Client's email address informing that the order is complete.
  • Thumbnails of edited Images and links to download edited images will be accesible on the Website in Client's user account.

4. After providing thumbnails of edited Images the Client may:

  1. Accept and download edited Images in full resolution.
  2. Ask for revision for free as long as the Client's revision request follows these terms:
    - revision requests have to be sent within 14 days after providing thumbnails of edited Images;
    - revision instructions should not conflict with from the original instructions when the order was submitted;
    - edited Images was not accepted and downloaded yet.
  3. Cancel the order. In this case, the Client credits will be returned for canceled order.

5. In the event that within 14 days after providing thumbnails, the Client fails to act referred to in this article in 4. a-c, it is considered that the images were accepted and downloaded.

6. The Operator do not provide photo storage service. After 14 days of acceptance and download the edited Images, the Images will be removed from the Website.

7. In case of receiving the order not feasible or with illogical instructions the Operator may cancel the order or ask the Client to complete the instructions. In case of cancellation of the order, the Client credits will be returned for canceled order.

8. In case of receiving the order with instructions that require some additional services, the Operator may propose to the Client perform these additional services. In the event that the Client will agree with additional services, the Client's credits will be reduced for these additional services. In case the Client does not agree with additional services, the order will be canceled and Client's credits will be returned for canceled order.

IV. Other provisions

1. Neither Website nor its Operator shall not be liable to the Client or any other person or entity for loss of profits or any other damages, costs or losses arising from the use of any content downloaded from the Website by the Client.

2. The Client confirms that the country of his residence is the same as the country listed in the billing address.

3. Invoices issued to companies in EU (except the Czech Republic) are in the reverse charge. The Client acknowledges that he must pay the VAT taxes.

4. The Operator reserves the right to change the wording of this license at any time without notice.

5. This agreement applies and is constructed in accordance with the laws of Czech Republic. Any legal actions, disputes or process that arise from the existence of this license will be discussed with state judicial authorities of the Czech Republic. Both parties must obey and respect court's decision. The relationship between the Client and the Operator is the relationship between two independent parties. Neither party may compel the other to anything.